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Posted on 04/09/2015

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seeking, female. pen pal, christian or male pen pal
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I'm horrible at showing affection; I either can't hide how I feel or I can't show it. I run into trip on fall over spill things regularly, I cuss a lot to
myself, I'm ridiculously stuck between old fashioned and modern understanding, and I'm really good at being in the right place at the right time saying the right thing with the right person who know the right girl to talk to. I am someone who give respect so much to those who deserve it,i make life easy and i also do the best i can. I  dance when there's no one watching. I absolutely love to travel and experience new things. I am an Artist, I do drawing, painting, designing, sculpture I am really motivated to accomplish my goals, the problem is I have way too many of them. .i'm a girl who is ready to relocate with my match. thou i do travel a lot most of the time cause i love to travel. BUT I'm full of passion, I love to love, I love to laugh, and I'm pretty lovely once you can get past all of that crap up there. I pinkly promise it. I'm at some point in my life where I think I'm done with just dating. Dating is fun and all of that, but I'm ready to start getting used to one person.Im a fun, quirky, and slightly eccentric young lady. Hmmm, writing about myself is pretty hard. I guess the most important thing about me is my beautiful eyes, if you don't know me it may put you off. I love telling jokes and making people laugh. I am very kind and if someone needs to help I am the first one to volunteer also enjoy watching a good comedy, talking about "smart people things cloud watching, making fun of strangers from a distance, I am a very good listener and I enjoy being someone that people can depend on. I love animals and can't imagine my life without them.I absolutely love to travel and experience new things. I avoid confrontation at all costs, even if that means I dont get what I want if it means hurting others, its not worth it. I grew up in a city and I really love it. so get with me
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