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The rock and the bush
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A rocky landscape in a rough nature… when I was younger, with less knowledge and experience, I was a loose bush which rolled through the steppe. I was a rather loud and rumbling bush, always in the center of action, not only just somewhere at the edge. One should perceive me in this center, because of my image, my way of moving and being, for myself. I do not exactly remember when it happened, but at some point I got stuck on a rock. This heavy stone was not in the middle of the hills, rather on the edge and it did not even catch me, but it was so harsh that I could not get away from it. With the passing time I lost my movement and vivacity, initially I suffered a lot from stuck on this rock. But nature took no consideration of it, the wind and the rain shaped me more and more into the stone, until one could no longer recognize my former appearance. In all these years I learned to understand the point of view of the rock.

It and so I stood there… solid and seemingly without reason, but that was not the case. It was the nature of the stone to be there and watch the scenery. Wind and weather did not apparently have an influence on it, but with a closer look one could recognize the changes, some corners becoming smoother over the years and others that broke out. Many living beings passed by, stayed close to the rock, but only a few perceived it consciously. Because of the natural immobility it was not possible for the rock to communicate like all the others did. True and deep feelings had to stay inside of the stony soul, because it was the nature of the rock to be this way. Maybe more living beings would have stayed with it, if they had known the reason why the stone had to live a silent life in the landscape. There were a few who consciously recognized the advantages the rock offered. Some saw it as a point of orientation, like a lighthouse, to find their ways through the hills. Others sought shelter behind it against the storm and the wind that seemingly bounced off of it without any influence. No one saw, that the storm dragged at it and that it had to spend all its force against the wind to remain in upright position. When the severe weather was over, they left the stone and like this it was in all the times, from a few most did not stay. The rock could not express itself like they did and what it was able to show, they could not understand.

Over all this time the rock and I, the rolling bush, were completely fused together. I have learned to live in its manner and appreciate our new common existence in a fast changing landscape, where I can stay constant in contrast to so many others. It sometimes saddens me, that I cannot show my deepest thoughts and feelings to those, who are worth it… even though I know, that this property protects me from those, who will never understand me. But I do not suffer anymore and now I know how it feels to change a perspective.
English, German
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5' 9"
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With kids, With pets
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Somewhat shy, Better in small groups
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News Junkie, Dramas, Movies
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Christian / Catholic
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Dry / Sarcastic, Obscure
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